Radio stations change with time. Sometimes the server is re-allocated to a different broadcaster, some broadcasters use the title of their stream for a number of different purposes. Invariably it contains the name of the stream, but it can often contain other terms such as the bitrate of the stream, the name of the current show and so on. Until recently, radiotuna lacked the capability to update the names of the streams and to capture other details such as a change in broadcasting bitrate, website url and the like.

We’ve added a new component to the back-end that keeps this information fresh and current. We hope this is good news for those of you who got in contact with us regarding problems in the details we were showing for your station.┬áThis new component also identifies which stations are up or down more frequently, so we can remove streams that are not broadcasting from our search results.

Fewer sad grey Tunas, fresher Tuna portions!

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