Widget overload!

** UPDATE **

As of today (Sept 18), widgets are GO again! We’re now able to cope with pretty much any number of embeds, so ignore the rest of this post and go fill your boots!

** UPDATE **

Only two short weeks ago we released our new embeddable radio widget with customizable colors and selectable genres.

Wow, has it been popular. Very popular indeed. We naturally hoped it would be, but we weren’t expecting it to take off quite as rapidly as it did… and to be honest, it’s caught us a little off guard. We’re coping just fine at the moment, but if the number of embeds keeps curving upwards at the rate it has been, things will start to get rather hairy and the service to users of the main site as well as the thousands of widgets out there will start to suffer.

So last night, we regretfully took the decision to disable new widget creation  for the time being. This pause will enable us to catch our breath, beef up the back end and come back stronger, harder, faster, better… well, you get the idea.

We always expected growing pains – and after all, they’re a ‘good headache’ to have – we just didn’t expect them quite so soon!

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