The world and the Internet are wonderful places brimming with marvellous people. We also live in a time where great things are done with software and then given away freely. This post is about a recent occasion where these two things came together.

It all began with an interesting tweet from a guy called @caffo:

working on a @radiotuna fluid redesign to play my faves

and a link to this image:


“What magic is this?!” we wondered.

So we did some poking around… It turns out that the Fluid mentioned “lets you create a Site Specific Browser (SSB) out of any website or web application, effectively turning your favorite web apps into desktop apps“.

So someone out there was using Fluid to make a Mac desktop app of Radio Tuna that would give quick and easy access to bookmarks. Great!

The tweeter was Rodrigo Franco, a Brazilian web developer, so we got in touch to say hi and thanks, and to ask if we could help.

The next thing we know, he’s finished the project and even produced a step-by-step guide for anyone to use. What a guy!

We’re not Mac users so we had to ask for volunteers to check it out, and by jove, it does! Once you’re logged in and the window is re-sized, you get a handy desktop app to access and play all your bookmarks in jiffy.

So if you’re a Mac user and would prefer your Tuna in a bite-sized desktop app, this nifty little mod will make you very happy. Check it out, and if you like it, be sure to let Rodrigo know.

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