Radio Tuna has come a long way from it’s humble beginnings. It all began when Chris, one of the founders, was tinkering around with radio stream playback using Adobe Flash in mid 2008, and came up with the original Radio Tuna, a Flash online radio player…



Welcome to the official Radio Tuna blog! On these pages you’ll find articles, announcements and random meanderings from the people behind Radio Tuna – Will, Chris and Tom (this is Will – hello!).

We’ll be using these pages to announce new features and discuss updates to existing ones, and to go into more depth about the technology that makes the Tuna tick.

If you have any thing to say, we love┬áhearing from you – feel free to comment on blog posts or use the contact form on the main site if you prefer. There’s also the official Radio Tuna feedback forum, which is the best place for suggestions and feature requests.

We’d like to thank everyone for the positive feedback and suggestions we’ve already received – you guys rock.